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ZD Internet Magazine

Volume II Issue 3

March 1997

Tarun Sharma and Reaz Hoque talk about using ActiveX and VBScript to make content rich multimedia websites. This article is the first part of a two-part series.

ZD Internet Magazine

Volume II Issue 5

May 1997

Continuing the two part series, Tarun writes about building an FTP server using Java.

Software Development

Volume VII Issue 8

August 1999

Tarun talks about inter-enterprise process engineering and component development.

Application Development Trends

Volume VII Issue 3

March 2000

This article is an excerpt from the book 'Enterprise E-Commerce' printed with the permission of Meghan-Kiffer Press

Silicon India

March 2000

Harsha Kumar, Tarun Sharma and Peter Fingar write about implementing enterprise e-commerce at a swift pace in a fast changing market.

Supply Chain Management Review

March/April 2000

This issue of the magazine reviews the book 'Enterprise E-Commerce' by Peter Fingar, Harsha Kumar and Tarun Sharma.


June 2000

The cover story of the magazines briefly quotes Tarun Sharma on the the subject of B2B E-Commerce.

Vishwakarma Business Review

Volume V Issue 2

July 2015

Students of Vishwakarma Institute of Management in conversation with Tarun Sharma.

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