Pune's Most Powerful


Femina's annual coffee-table book describes Reshma and Tarun Sharma's steady rise in the world of business.


Volume II, Issue 9

October 2015

Adding the 'extra' to the ordinary with Reshma and Tarun Sharma.

The Times Of India

Pune City, Times Trends

Friday, June 30th, 2017

Tarun talks about the the use of artificial intelligence for recruitment at TASCON 2017.

Vishwakarma Business Review

Volume V Issue 2

July 2015

Students of Vishwakarma Institute of Management in conversation with Tarun Sharma.


June 2000

The cover story of the magazines briefly quotes Tarun Sharma on the the subject of B2B E-Commerce.

Supply Chain Management Review

March/April 2000

This issue of the magazine reviews the book 'Enterprise E-Commerce' by Peter Fingar, Harsha Kumar and Tarun Sharma.

Application Development Trends

Volume VII Issue 3

March 2000

This article is an excerpt from the book 'Enterprise E-Commerce' printed with the permission of Meghan-Kiffer Press

Silicon India

March 2000

Harsha Kumar, Tarun Sharma and Peter Fingar write about implementing enterprise e-commerce at a swift pace in a fast changing market.

Software Development

Volume VII Issue 8

August 1999

Tarun talks about inter-enterprise process engineering and component development.

ZD Internet Magazine

Volume II Issue 5

May 1997

Continuing the two part series, Tarun writes about building an FTP server using Java.

ZD Internet Magazine

Volume II Issue 3

March 1997

Tarun Sharma and Reaz Hoque talk about using ActiveX and VBScript to make content rich multimedia websites. This article is the first part of a two-part series.