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Tarun believes that self-discovery and cultivation of wisdom are one of the key payoffs of reading books. Books act as instruments for giving insight into the thoughts & experiences of people from whom learning might not be possible in normal circumstances. Books have helped shape Tarun since a young age and many of the breakthroughs in his life and career took genesis after reading some of the most profound literature in existence. He always recommends a few titles to anyone seeking guidance and direction.


Tarun oftens says, that knowledge of, and exposure to, any art or science is necessary to truly appreciate it. Once someone has tried their hand at any artistic pursuit, only then can they truly appreciate the challenge of the craft. And so is the case with music. 


Not everyone may have the voice of a singer or the dexterity of a musician. But everybody certainly can discover the joy of a composition and enjoy performances by Maestros. Tarun himself is an amazing singer and is a ardent student of Hindustani classical music. He also enjoys listening to world music, softrock and bollywood beats.


Tarun feels that traveling is one of the most crucial aspects of life, which not only enables a person to discover hidden skills and endurance within, but also broadens a person's cultural horizon resulting in the development of a holistic personality. Moving to another country for a part of one's life inculcates values of global citizenship and gives a person a chance to survive out of one's comfort zone.

Tarun has lived in the United Kingdom, the United States, Barbados, Jamaica and has visited numerous countries as part of his professional responsibilities. Tarun is currently living with his family in Pune and loves to travel with them to far-off places.


Tarun believes that self development and learning are life long processes and attainment of wisdom can accelerate with self-reflection.

Life lessons can be gained from the insights of gurus such as Osho or the Dalai Lama. And hence spirituality is an important aspect of a person's life, which leads to the development of a holistic personality 


Tarun keeps pushing the envelope of cutting edge technology through innovation and incubation of revolutionary ideas. He pursues a vision of a completely digital work & home environment, which revolves around an ecosystem of 'Internet of Things'. Tarun often speaks at conferences on how technology can be leveraged by various industry sectors like real estate, manufacturing and automobiles to solve everyday problems like parking and commute. Use of approaches like big data to improve the standard of living of the common man is on top of the list of Tarun's priorities.

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