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Yodda - Genesis

Yodda Elder Care Technologies

23rd September 2021

Having spent thirty years in the corporate world, Tarun embarked on the Yodda journey after losing both of his parents to critical illnesses.


The Confederation of Indian Industry

6th September 2018

Tarun Sharma explains why employee engagement is a strategic function which can influence the direction a company takes for years to come.

Mid-Career Transitions

The Institute Of Product Leadership

26th May 2018

Tarun talks about his 'Ten Commandments For Professionals' at a seminar organised by the Institute Of Product Leadership on mid-career transitions.

Financial Inclusion of India's Unorganised Sector

TEDx AssiRd

8th October 2017

Drawing upon encounters in his personal life, Tarun  argues for the need to bring the multitude of people working in a largely unorganised economy like India.

Artificial Intelligence In Real Estate

Colliers International

21st September 2017

Tarun Sharma illustrates the use of artificial intelligence and disruptive technologies in the construction and real estate business at an event organised by Colliers International.

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